The data fields used in the Screen Builder are specified as alphanumeric names (also including a possible underscore). Which fields exist depends on which database is in use, with little to nothing in common between different databases. Database specifications occasionally change, so some fields may only be available after a certain date (and less commonly, only before a certain date).

SI database:

The SI field codes are as defined in the database files. Not all tables (a.k.a. files) have been imported into the backtester, but more may be imported if necessary. Industry and sector averages have the same names as the non-average fields in the original files, but are prefixed here with "ind_" or "sec_". For compatibility with other MI backtesters, the underscores in the codes are optional.

Code Field Name Code Field Name Code Field Name
adjust_12mAdjustments to income 12m ltinv_y1Long-term investments Y1 rltd_eq_y1% Rank-LT Debt/equity Y1
adjust_q1Adjustments to income Q1 ...... ......
...... ltinv_y7Long-term investments Y7 rltd_eq_y7% Rank-LT Debt/equity Y7
adjust_q8Adjustments to income Q8 minor_q1Minority Interest Q1 rltd_tc_q1% Rank-LT debt/total cap Q1
adjust_y1Adjustments to income Y1 ...... rltd_tc_y1% Rank-LT debt/total cap Y1
...... minor_q8Minority Interest Q8 ......
adjust_y8Adjustments to income Y8 minor_y1Minority Interest Y1 rltd_tc_y7% Rank-LT debt/total cap Y7
adrADR/ADS Stock ...... rltd_wc_q1% Rank-LT Debt/working capital
ap_q1Accounts payable Q1 minor_y7Minority Interest Y7 rmktcap% Rank-Market Cap Q1
...... mktcapMarket Cap Q1 rnetinc_g1% Rank-Net Income-Growth 1yr
ap_q8Accounts payable Q8 mktcap_q1Market Cap Hist. Q1 rnetinc_g3% Rank-Net Income-Growth 3yr
ap_y1Accounts payable Y1 ...... rnetinc_g5% Rank-Net Income-Growth 5yr
...... mktcap_q8Market Cap Hist. Q8 rnetinc_g7% Rank-Net Income-Growth 7yr
ap_y7Accounts payable Y7 mktcap_y1Market Cap Hist. Y1 rnpm_12m% Rank-Net margin 12m
ar_q1Accounts receivable Q1 ...... rnpm_y1% Rank-Net margin Y1
...... mktcap_y7Market Cap Hist. Y7 ......
ar_q8Accounts receivable Q8 ncaps_q1Net current assets per shr Q1 rnpm_y7% Rank-Net margin Y7
ar_y1Accounts receivable Y1 ncc_12mCash flow 12m ropm_12m% Rank-Operating margin 12m
...... ncc_q1Cash flow Q1 ropm_y1% Rank-Operating margin Y1
ar_y8Accounts receivable Y8 ...... ......
arturn_12mReceivables turnover 12m ncc_q8Cash flow Q8 ropm_y7% Rank-Operating margin Y7
arturn_y1Receivables turnover Y1 ncc_y1Cash flow Y1 rpayout_12% Rank-Payout ratio 12m
...... ...... rpayout_y1% Rank-Payout ratio Y1
arturn_y7Receivables turnover Y7 ncc_y8Cash flow Y8 ......
assets_q1Total assets Q1 ncps_q1Net cash per share Q1 rpayout_y7% Rank-Payout ratio Y7
...... netin_g1tNet Income-Growth 12m rpbvps% Rank-Price/Book
assets_q8Total assets Q8 netinc_g1fNet Income-Growth 1yr rpbvps_1t% Rank-Price/Book-1 year ago
assets_y1Total assets Y1 netinc_g3fNet Income-Growth 3yr rpbvps_a3y% Rank-Price/Book-Avg 3 years
...... netinc_g5fNet Income-Growth 5yr rpbvps_a5y% Rank-Price/Book-Avg 5 years
assets_y8Total assets Y8 netinc_g7fNet Income-Growth 7yr rpbvps_a7y% Rank-Price/Book-Avg 7 years
avd_10dVolume--Average Daily 10d netin_g1q5Net Income-Growth from Q5 to Q1 rpcfps% Rank-Price/CFPS
avm_03mVolume--Average Monthly 3m netin_g2q6Net Income-Growth from Q6 to Q2 rpcfps_1t% Rank-Price/CFPS-1 year ago
bbyBuyback Yield netin_g3q7Net Income-Growth from Q7 to Q3 rpcfps_a3y% Rank-Price/CFPS-Avg 3 years
bby_1tBuyback Yield-1 year ago netin_g4q8Net Income-Growth from Q8 to Q4 rpcfps_a5y% Rank-Price/CFPS-Avg 5 years
bby_a3yBuyback Yield-Average 3 years netinc_12mNet income 12m rpcfps_a7y% Rank-Price/CFPS-Avg 7 years
bby_a5yBuyback Yield-Average 5 years netinc_q1Net income Q1 rpe% Rank-PE
bby_a7yBuyback Yield-Average 7 years ...... rpe_1t% Rank-PE-1 year ago
bby_y1Buyback Yield-Y1 netinc_q8Net income Q8 rpe_a3y% Rank-PE-Average 3 years
...... netinc_y1Net income Y1 rpe_a5y% Rank-PE-Average 5 years
bby_y7Buyback Yield-Y7 ...... rpe_a7y% Rank-PE-Average 7 years
betaBeta netinc_y8Net income Y8 rpe_aeps3y% Rank-PE to Avg EPS grth 3 yr
bvps_q1Book value/share Q1 nit_12mIncome after taxes 12m rpe_ey0% Rank-PE-Forward EPS Est Y0
...... nit_q1Income after taxes Q1 rpe_ey1% Rank-PE-Forward EPS Est Y1
bvps_q8Book value/share Q8 ...... rpe_ey2% Rank-PE-Forward EPS Est Y2
bvps_y1Book value/share Y1 nit_q8Income after taxes Q8 rpe_to_dg5% Rank-PE to Div adj EPS grth 5yr
...... nit_y1Income after taxes Y1 rpe_to_g5e% Rank-PE to EPS Est grth 5 yr
bvps_y7Book value/share Y7 ...... rpe_to_g5f% Rank-PE to EPS grth 5 yr
ca_q1Current assets Q1 nit_y8Income after taxes Y8 rpea_y1% Rank-PE-Average Y1
...... npm_12mNet margin 12m ......
ca_q8Current assets Q8 npm_y1Net margin Y1 rpea_y7% Rank-PE-Average Y7
ca_y1Current assets Y1 ...... rpeh_a3y% Rank-PE High-3 year Avg.
...... npm_y7Net margin Y7 rpeh_a5y% Rank-PE High-5 year Avg.
ca_y7Current assets Y7 nppe_q1Net fixed assets Q1 rpeh_a7y% Rank-PE High-7 year Avg.
cash_q1Cash Q1 ...... rpel_a3y% Rank-PE Low-3 year Avg.
...... nppe_q8Net fixed assets Q8 rpel_a5y% Rank-PE Low-5 year Avg.
cash_q8Cash Q8 nppe_y1Net fixed assets Y1 rpel_a7y% Rank-PE Low-7 year Avg.
cash_qefCash QEF (?) ...... rpfcps% Rank-Price/FCFPS
cash_y1Cash Y1 nppe_y7Net fixed assets Y7 rpfcps_1t% Rank-Price/FCFPS-1 year ago
...... oca_q1Other current assets Q1 rpfcps_a3y% Rank-Price/FCFPS-Avg 3 years
cash_y7Cash Y7 ...... rpfcps_a5y% Rank-Price/FCFPS-Avg 5 years
ce_12mCapital expenditures 12m oca_q8Other current assets Q8 rpfcps_a7y% Rank-Price/FCFPS-Avg 7 years
ce_q1Capital expenditures Q1 oca_y1Other current assets Y1 rpr_prh_52% Rank-Price as % of 52 Week High
...... ...... rprice% Rank-Price
ce_q8Capital expenditures Q8 oca_y7Other current assets Y7 rpriceh_52% Rank-Price--high 52 week
ce_y1Capital expenditures Y1 ocl_q1Other current liabilities Q1 rpricel_52% Rank-Price--low 52 week
...... ...... rpsps% Rank-Price/Sales
ce_y8Capital expenditures Y8 ocl_q8Other current liabilities Q8 rpsps_1t% Rank-Price/Sales-1 year ago
cfps_12mCash flow/share 12m ocl_y1Other current liabilities Y1 rpsps_a3y% Rank-Price/Sales-Avg 3 years
cfps_g1tCash Flow-Growth 12m ...... rpsps_a5y% Rank-Price/Sales-Avg 5 years
cfps_g1fCash Flow-Growth 1yr ocl_y7Other current liabilities Y7 rpsps_a7y% Rank-Price/Sales-Avg 7 years
cfps_g3fCash Flow-Growth 3yr olta_q1Other long-term assets Q1 rquick_q1% Rank-Quick ratio Q1
cfps_g5fCash Flow-Growth 5yr ...... rquick_y1% Rank-Quick ratio Y1
cfps_g7fCash Flow-Growth 7yr olta_q8Other long-term assets Q8 ......
cfps_q1Cash flow/share Q1 olta_y1Other long-term assets Y1 rquick_y7% Rank-Quick ratio Y7
...... ...... rreg% Rank-Relative earnings growth
cfps_q8Cash flow/share Q8 olta_y7Other long-term assets Y7 rroa_12m% Rank-Return on assets 12m
cfps_y1Cash flow/share Y1 oltl_q1Other long-term liabilities Q1 rroa_y1% Rank-Return on assets Y1
...... ...... ......
cfps_y8Cash flow/share Y8 oltl_q8Other long-term liabilities Q8 rroa_y7% Rank-Return on assets Y7
cgs_12mCost of goods sold 12m oltl_y1Other long-term liabilities Y1 rroe_12m% Rank-Return on equity 12m
cgs_q1Cost of goods sold Q1 ...... rroe_y1% Rank-Return on equity Y1
...... oltl_y7Other long-term liabilities Y7 ......
cgs_q8Cost of goods sold Q8 opin_g1tOper. Income-Growth 12m rroe_y7% Rank-Return on equity Y7
cgs_y1Cost of goods sold Y1 opinc_g1fOper. Income-Growth 1yr rrps_6m% Rank-Relative price strength 6m
...... opinc_g3fOper. Income-Growth 3yr rrs_04w% Rank-Rel Strength 4 week
cgs_y8Cost of goods sold Y8 opinc_g5fOper. Income-Growth 5yr rrs_13w% Rank-Rel Strength 13 week
cl_q1Current liabilities Q1 opinc_g7fOper. Income-Growth 7yr rrs_26w% Rank-Rel Strength 26 week
...... opin_g1q5Oper. Income-Growth from Q5 to Q1 rrs_52w% Rank-Rel Strength 52 week
cl_q8Current liabilities Q8 opin_g2q6Oper. Income-Growth from Q6 to Q2 rrsw_4q% Rank-Rel Strength-Weight 4Qs
cl_y1Current liabilities Y1 opin_g3q7Oper. Income-Growth from Q7 to Q3 rsales_12m% Rank-Sales 12m
...... opin_g4q8Oper. Income-Growth from Q8 to Q4 rsales_g1t% Rank-Sales-Growth 12m
cl_y7Current liabilities Y7 opm_12mOperating margin 12m rsales_g1f% Rank-Sales-Growth 1yr
company_idCompany Identifier opm_a3yOperating margin - 3 year Avg. rsales_g3f% Rank-Sales-Growth 3yr
countryCountry opm_a5yOperating margin - 5 year avg. rsales_g5f% Rank-Sales-Growth 5yr
cps_q1Cash per share Q1 opm_y1Operating margin Y1 rsales_g7f% Rank-Sales-Growth 7yr
curr_q1Current ratio Q1 ...... rsales_y1% Rank-Sales Y1
curr_y1Current ratio Y1 opm_y7Operating margin Y7 ......
...... optionableOptionable rsales_y7% Rank-Sales Y7
curr_y7Current ratio Y7 othinc_12mOther income 12m rshrinsd% Rank-Insider Ownership %
dcf_q1DCF Q1 othinc_q1Other income Q1 rshrinst% Rank-Institutional Ownership %
...... ...... rshrinstn% Rank-Institutional shareholders
dcf_q4DCF Q4 othinc_q8Other income Q8 rsi_ratio1% Rank-Short interest ratio M1
dcfbs_q1DCF: BSCF Q1 othinc_y1Other income Y1 rsi_ratio2% Rank-Short interest ratio M2
...... ...... rta_trn_12% Rank-Asset turnover 12m
dcfbs_q4DCF: BSCF Q4 othinc_y7Other income Y7 rta_trn_y1% Rank-Asset turnover Y1
dcfo_q1DCF: OCF Q1 payout_12mPayout ratio 12m ......
...... payout_a7yPayout - 7 year avg. rta_trn_y7% Rank-Asset turnover Y7
dcfo_q4DCF: OCF Q4 payout_y1Payout ratio Y1 rtie_12m% Rank-Times interest earned 12m
dd_a3mVolume--Dollar Daily Avg 3m ...... rtie_y1% Rank-Times interest earned Y1
dep_12mDepreciation 12M payout_y7Payout ratio Y7 ......
dep_cf_12mDepreciation and Amortization - 12m pbvpsPrice/Book rtie_y7% Rank-Times interest earned Y7
dep_cf_q1Depreciation and Amortization - Q1 pbvps_1tPrice/Book-1 year ago rtl_ta_q1% Rank-Total liab/assets Q1
...... pbvps_a3yPrice/Book-Average 3 years rtl_ta_y1% Rank-Total liab/assets Y1
dep_cf_q8Depreciation and Amortization - Q8 pbvps_a5yPrice/Book-Average 5 years ......
dep_cf_y1Depreciation and Amortization - Y1 pbvps_a7yPrice/Book-Average 7 years rtl_ta_y7% Rank-Total liab/assets Y7
...... pbvpsa_y1Price/Book-Average Y1 ryield% Rank-Yield
dep_cf_y7Depreciation and Amortization - Y7 ...... ryield_1t% Rank-Yield-1 year ago
dep_q1Depreciation Q1 pbvpsa_y7Price/Book-Average Y7 ryield_a3y% Rank-Yield-Avg 3 years
...... pcfpsPrice/CFPS ryield_a5y% Rank-Yield-Avg 5 years
dep_q8Depreciation Q8 pcfps_1tPrice/CFPS-1 year ago ryield_a7y% Rank-Yield-Avg 7 years
dep_y1Depreciation Y1 pcfps_a3yPrice/CFPS-Average 3 years ind_arturn_12mInd. Receivables turnover 12m
...... pcfps_a5yPrice/CFPS-Average 5 years ind_arturn_y1Ind. Receivables turnover Y1
dep_y7Depreciation Y7 pcfps_a7yPrice/CFPS-Average 7 years ......
div_y7y1Dividend Increases-Y7 to Y1 pcfpsa_y1Price/CFPS-Average Y1 ind_arturn_y7Ind. Receivables turnover Y7
divnqDividend-Next Quarter ...... ind_assets_q1Ind. Total assets Q1
divpaid_12Common Dividends Paid 12m pcfpsa_y7Price/CFPS-Average Y7 ind_assets_y1Ind. Total assets Y1
divpaid_q1Common Dividends Paid Q1 pePE ......
...... pe_1tPE-1 year ago ind_assets_y7Ind. Total assets Y7
divpaid_q8Common Dividends Paid Q8 pe_a3yPE-Average 3 years ind_avd_10dInd. Volume--Average Daily 10d
divpaid_y1Common Dividends Paid Y1 pe_a5yPE-Average 5 years ind_avm_03mInd. Volume--Average Monthly 3m
...... pe_a7yPE-Average 7 years ind_betaInd. Beta
divpaid_y7Common Dividends Paid Y7 pe_aeps3yPE using Avg EPS 3 years ind_cfps_g1tInd. Cash Flow-Growth 12m
dowDow stock pe_ey0PE-Forward EPS Est Y0 ind_cfps_g1fInd. Cash Flow-Growth 1yr
dps_12mDividend 12m pe_ey1PE-Forward EPS Est Y1 ind_cfps_g3fInd. Cash Flow-Growth 3yr
dps_g1tDividend-Growth 12m pe_ey2PE-Forward EPS Est Y2 ind_cfps_g5fInd. Cash Flow-Growth 5yr
dps_g1fDividend-Growth 1yr pe_to_dg5fPE to Div adj EPS growth 5yr ind_cfps_g7fInd. Cash Flow-Growth 7yr
dps_g3fDividend-Growth 3yr pe_to_g5ePE to EPS Est growth 5 years ind_curr_q1Ind. Current ratio Q1
dps_g5fDividend-Growth 5yr pe_to_g5fPE to EPS growth 5 years ind_curr_y1Ind. Current ratio Y1
dps_g7fDividend-Growth 7yr pe_to_yg5ePE to Div adj EPS Est growth ......
dps_indDividend, indicated pea_y1PE-Average Y1 ind_curr_y7Ind. Current ratio Y7
dps_q1Dividend Q1 ...... ind_dps_g1tInd. Dividend-Growth 12m
...... pea_y7PE-Average Y7 ind_dps_g1fInd. Dividend-Growth 1yr
dps_q8Dividend Q8 peh_a3yPE High - Average 3 years ind_dps_g3fInd. Dividend-Growth 3yr
dps_y1Dividend Y1 peh_a5yPE High - Average 5 years ind_dps_g5fInd. Dividend-Growth 5yr
...... peh_a7yPE High - Average 7 years ind_dps_g7fInd. Dividend-Growth 7yr
dps_y7Dividend Y7 peh_y1PE High Y1 ind_eps_eg5Ind. EPS Growth Est
dps_y8Dividend Y8 ...... ind_eps_g1tInd. EPS-Growth 12m
dpst_12mDividend (total) 12m peh_y5PE High Y5 ind_eps_g1fInd. EPS-Growth 1yr
dpst_q1Dividend (total) Q1 pel_a3yPE Low - Average 3 years ind_eps_g3fInd. EPS-Growth 3yr
...... pel_a5yPE Low - Average 5 years ind_eps_g5fInd. EPS-Growth 5yr
dpst_q8Dividend (total) Q8 pel_a7yPE Low - Average 7 years ind_eps_g7fInd. EPS-Growth 7yr
dpst_y1Dividend (total) Y1 pel_y1PE Low Y1 ind_epsc_g1tInd. EPS Cont-Growth 12m
...... ...... ind_epsc_g1fInd. EPS Cont-Growth 1yr
dpst_y7Dividend (total) Y7 pel_y5PE Low Y5 ind_epsc_g3fInd. EPS Cont-Growth 3yr
drp_availProvides DRP plan pera_5yPE Relative Avg-5 year ind_epsc_g5fInd. EPS Cont-Growth 5yr
ebit_12mEBIT 12m perapePE Relative Adjusted P/E ind_epsc_g7fInd. EPS Cont-Growth 7yr
ebit_q1EBIT Q1 perh_a5yPE Relative High-Avg 5 year ind_epsdc_g1tInd. EPS Dil Cont-Growth 12m
...... perl_a5yPE Relative Low-Avg 5 year ind_epsdc_g1fInd. EPS Dil Cont-Growth 1yr
ebit_q8EBIT Q8 pervPE Relative Valuation ind_epsdc_g3fInd. EPS Dil Cont-Growth 3yr
ebit_y1EBIT Y1 pervpPE Relative Valuation % Price ind_epsdc_g5fInd. EPS Dil Cont-Growth 5yr
...... pf_to_f_grPFCF to FCF growth ind_epsdc_g7fInd. EPS Dil Cont-Growth 7yr
ebit_y7EBIT Y7 pf_to_f_gtPFCF to FCF growth 12m ind_epsh_eg5Ind. EPS Growth Est-High
ebitda_12mEBITDA 12m pfcpsPrice/FCFPS ind_epsl_eg5Ind. EPS Growth Est-Low
ebitda_q1EBITDA Q1 pfcps_1tPrice/FCFPS-1 year ago ind_epspm_eg5Ind. EPS Growth Est-Last month
...... pfcps_a3yPrice/FCFPS-Average 3 years ind_fcfps_g1tInd. Free Cash Flow-Growth 12m
ebitda_q8EBITDA Q8 pfcps_a5yPrice/FCFPS-Average 5 years ind_fcfps_g1fInd. Free Cash Flow-Growth 1yr
ebitda_y1EBITDA Y1 pfcps_a7yPrice/FCFPS-Average 7 years ind_fcfps_g3fInd. Free Cash Flow-Growth 3yr
...... pfcpsa_y1Price/FCFPS-Average Y1 ind_fcfps_g5fInd. Free Cash Flow-Growth 5yr
ebitda_y7EBITDA Y7 ...... ind_fcfps_g7fInd. Free Cash Flow-Growth 7yr
employeesNumber of employees pfcpsa_y7Price/FCFPS-Average Y7 ind_floatInd. Float
entval_q1Enterprise Value Q1 pgfpsPrice/Growth Flow ind_gopin_g1tInd. Gross Income-Growth 12m
...... pr_bv_chgPrice Chg vs BV Chg ind_gopinc_g1fInd. Gross Income-Growth 1yr
entval_q8Enterprise Value Q8 pr_prh_52wPrice as % of 52 Week High ind_gopinc_g3fInd. Gross Income-Growth 3yr
entval_y1Enterprise Value Y1 prchg_04wPrice Change 4 week ind_gopinc_g5fInd. Gross Income-Growth 5yr
...... prchg_13wPrice Change 13 week ind_gopinc_g7fInd. Gross Income-Growth 7yr
entval_y7Enterprise Value Y7 prchg_26wPrice Change 26 week ind_gpm_12mInd. Gross margin 12m
eps3m_eq0EPS Est Q0-3 Months Ago prchg_52wPrice Change 52 week ind_gpm_a5yInd. Gross margin - 5 year Avg
eps3m_eq1EPS Est Q1-3 Months Ago prchg_am3yPrice Change 3yr Mean ind_gpm_y1Ind. Gross margin Y1
eps3m_ey0EPS Est Y0-3 Months Ago prchg_gm3yPrice Change 3yr Annual ......
eps3m_ey1EPS Est Y1-3 Months Ago prchg_sd3yPrice Change 3yr Std. Dev. ind_gpm_y7Ind. Gross margin Y7
eps3m_ey2EPS Est Y2-3 Months Ago pref_q1Preferred stock Q1 ind_invtrn_12mInd. Inventory turnover 12m
eps_12mEPS 12m ...... ind_invtrn_y1Ind. Inventory turnover Y1
eps_eg5EPS Growth Est pref_q8Preferred stock Q8 ......
eps_eq0EPS Est Q0 pref_y1Preferred stock Y1 ind_invtrn_y7Ind. Inventory turnover Y7
eps_eq1EPS Est Q1 ...... ind_ltd_eq_q1Ind. LT Debt/equity Q1
eps_ey0EPS Est Y0 pref_y8Preferred stock Y8 ind_ltd_eq_y1Ind. LT Debt/equity Y1
eps_ey1EPS Est Y1 pricePrice ......
eps_ey2EPS Est Y2 price_m001Price M001 ind_ltd_eq_y7Ind. LT Debt/equity Y7
eps_ey0ey1EPS Growth-Est Y0 to Est Y1 ...... ind_ltd_tc_q1Ind. LT debt/total capital Q1
eps_ey1ey2EPS Growth-Est Y1 to Est Y2 price_m120Price M120 ind_ltd_tc_y1Ind. LT debt/total capital Y1
eps_g1tEPS-Growth 12m priceh_52wPrice--high 52 week ......
eps_g1fEPS-Growth 1yr pricel_52wPrice--low 52 week ind_ltd_tc_y7Ind. LT debt/total capital Y7
eps_g3fEPS-Growth 3yr pricevm001Price--Volume M001 ind_ltd_wc_q1Ind. LT Debt/working capital Q1
eps_g5fEPS-Growth 5yr ...... ind_mktcapInd. Market Cap Q1
eps_g7fEPS-Growth 7yr pricevm120Price--Volume M120 ind_netin_g1tInd. Net Income-Growth 12m
eps_g1q5EPS-Growth from Q5 to Q1 prp_2yhPrice as % of 2 Year High ind_netinc_g1fInd. Net Income-Growth 1yr
eps_g2q6EPS-Growth from Q6 to Q2 pspsPrice/Sales ind_netinc_g3fInd. Net Income-Growth 3yr
eps_g3q7EPS-Growth from Q7 to Q3 psps_1tPrice/Sales-1 year ago ind_netinc_g5fInd. Net Income-Growth 5yr
eps_g4q8EPS-Growth from Q8 to Q4 psps_a3yPrice/Sales-Average 3 years ind_netinc_g7fInd. Net Income-Growth 7yr
eps_gh1e0EPS Growth-Hist Y1 to Est Y0 psps_a5yPrice/Sales-Average 5 years ind_npm_12mInd. Net margin 12m
eps_lrQuarterly Surprise-EPS psps_a7yPrice/Sales-Average 7 years ind_npm_y1Ind. Net margin Y1
eps_q1EPS Q1 pspsa_y1Price/Sales-Average Y1 ......
...... ...... ind_npm_y7Ind. Net margin Y7
eps_q8EPS Q8 pspsa_y7Price/Sales-Average Y7 ind_opm_12mInd. Operating margin 12m
eps_qefEPS QEF (?) pti_12mPre-tax income 12m ind_opm_y1Ind. Operating margin Y1
eps_rq2Qtrly Surprise-Prior Qtr-EPS pti_g1tPre-tax Income-Growth 12m ......
eps_y1EPS Y1 pti_g1fPre-tax Income-Growth 1yr ind_opm_y7Ind. Operating margin Y7
...... pti_g3fPre-tax Income-Growth 3yr ind_payout_12mInd. Payout ratio 12m
eps_y7EPS Y7 pti_g5fPre-tax Income-Growth 5yr ind_payout_y1Ind. Payout ratio Y1
eps_y7y1EPS Increases-Y7 to Y1 pti_g7fPre-tax Income-Growth 7yr ......
eps_y8EPS Y8 pti_g1q5Pre-tax Income-Growth from Q5 to Q1 ind_payout_y7Ind. Payout ratio Y7
epsc_g1tEPS Cont-Growth 12m pti_g2q6Pre-tax Income-Growth from Q6 to Q2 ind_pbvpsInd. Price/Book
epsc_g1fEPS Cont-Growth 1yr pti_g3q7Pre-tax Income-Growth from Q7 to Q3 ind_pbvps_1tInd. Price/Book-1 year ago
epsc_g3fEPS Cont-Growth 3yr pti_g4q8Pre-tax Income-Growth from Q8 to Q4 ind_pbvps_a3yInd. Price/Book-Average 3 year
epsc_g5fEPS Cont-Growth 5yr pti_q1Pre-tax income Q1 ind_pbvps_a5yInd. Price/Book-Average 5 year
epsc_g7fEPS Cont-Growth 7yr ...... ind_pbvps_a7yInd. Price/Book-Average 7 year
epsc_g1q5EPS Cont-Growth from Q5 to Q1 pti_q8Pre-tax income Q8 ind_pcfpsInd. Price/CFPS
epsc_g2q6EPS Cont-Growth from Q6 to Q2 pti_qefPre-tax income QEF (?) ind_pcfps_1tInd. Price/CFPS-1 year ago
epsc_g3q7EPS Cont-Growth from Q7 to Q3 pti_y1Pre-tax income Y1 ind_pcfps_a3yInd. Price/CFPS-Average 3 year
epsc_g4q8EPS Cont-Growth from Q8 to Q4 ...... ind_pcfps_a5yInd. Price/CFPS-Average 5 year
epsc_g2y3EPS Cont-Growth from Y3 to Y2 pti_y8Pre-tax income Y8 ind_pcfps_a7yInd. Price/CFPS-Average 7 year
epsc_g3y4EPS Cont-Growth from Y4 to Y3 ptm_12mPretax margin 12m ind_peInd. PE
epsc_g3lsEPS Cont-Growth LS 3yr qs_diffQuarterly Surprise-Difference ind_pe_1tInd. PE-1 year ago
epsc_g5lsEPS Cont-Growth LS 5yr qs_epsQuarterly Surprise-Est ind_pe_a3yInd. PE-Average 3 years
epsc_g7r2EPS Cont-Growth R2 7yr qs_percQuarterly Surprise-Percent ind_pe_a5yInd. PE-Average 5 years
epscon_12mEPS-Continuing 12m qs_sdQuarterly Surprise-Std. dev. ind_pe_a7yInd. PE-Average 7 years
epscon_ptmEPS-Continuing PTM (?) qs_sue_q1Quarterly Surprise-SUE Q1 ind_pe_aeps3yInd. PE to Avg EPS growth 3 year
epscon_q1EPS-Continuing Q1 quick_q1Quick ratio Q1 ind_pe_ey0Ind. PE-Forward EPS Est Y0
...... quick_y1Quick ratio Y1 ind_pe_ey1Ind. PE-Forward EPS Est Y1
epscon_q8EPS-Continuing Q8 ...... ind_pe_ey2Ind. PE-Forward EPS Est Y2
epscon_y1EPS-Continuing Y1 quick_y7Quick ratio Y7 ind_pe_to_dg5fInd. PE to Div adj EPS growth 5yr
...... rd_12mResearch and development 12m ind_pe_to_g5eInd. PE to EPS Est growth 5 year
epscon_y8EPS-Continuing Y8 rd_q1Research and development Q1 ind_pe_to_g5fInd. PE to EPS growth 5 years
epsd_12mEPS-Diluted 12m ...... ind_pea_y1Ind. PE-Average Y1
epsd_g1tEPS Dil-Growth 12m rd_q8Research and development Q8 ......
epsd_g1fEPS Dil-Growth 1yr rd_y1Research and development Y1 ind_pea_y7Ind. PE-Average Y7
epsd_g3fEPS Dil-Growth 3yr ...... ind_peh_a3yInd. PE High - 3 year Avg.
epsd_g5fEPS Dil-Growth 5yr rd_y7Research and development Y7 ind_peh_a5yInd. PE High - 5 year Avg.
epsd_g7fEPS Dil-Growth 7yr rdm_12mR&D as % of Sales 12m ind_peh_a7yInd. PE High - 7 year Avg.
epsd_g1q5EPS Dil-Growth from Q5 to Q1 regRelative earnings growth ind_pel_a3yInd. PE Low - 3 year Avg.
epsd_g2q6EPS Dil-Growth from Q6 to Q2 retearn_q1Retained Earnings Q1 ind_pel_a5yInd. PE Low - 5 year Avg.
epsd_g3q7EPS Dil-Growth from Q7 to Q3 ...... ind_pel_a7yInd. PE Low - 7 year Avg.
epsd_g4q8EPS Dil-Growth from Q8 to Q4 retearn_q8Retained Earnings Q8 ind_pfcpsInd. Price/FCFPS
epsd_ptmEPS Dil-Growth PTM (?) retearn_y1Retained Earnings Y1 ind_pfcps_1tInd. Price/FCFPS-1 year ago
epsd_q1EPS-Diluted Q1 ...... ind_pfcps_a3yInd. Price/FCFPS-Average 3 year
...... retearn_y7Retained Earnings Y7 ind_pfcps_a5yInd. Price/FCFPS-Average 5 year
epsd_q8EPS-Diluted Q8 roa_12mReturn on assets 12m ind_pfcps_a7yInd. Price/FCFPS-Average 7 year
epsd_y1EPS-Diluted Y1 roa_y1Return on assets Y1 ind_pr_prh_52wInd. Price as % of 52 Week High
...... ...... ind_pspsInd. Price/Sales
epsd_y8EPS-Diluted Y8 roa_y7Return on assets Y7 ind_psps_1tInd. Price/Sales-1 year ago
epsdc_12mEPS-Diluted Continuing 12m roe_12mReturn on equity 12m ind_psps_a3yInd. Price/Sales-Average 3 year
epsdc_g1tEPS Dil Cont-Growth 12m roe_a5yReturn on equity - 5 year Avg. ind_psps_a5yInd. Price/Sales-Average 5 year
epsdc_g1fEPS Dil Cont-Growth 1yr roe_a7yReturn on equity - 7 year avg. ind_psps_a7yInd. Price/Sales-Average 7 year
epsdc_g3fEPS Dil Cont-Growth 3yr roe_y1Return on equity Y1 ind_quick_q1Ind. Quick ratio Q1
epsdc_g5fEPS Dil Cont-Growth 5yr ...... ind_quick_y1Ind. Quick ratio Y1
epsdc_g7fEPS Dil Cont-Growth 7yr roe_y7Return on equity Y7 ......
epsdc_g1q5EPS Dil Cont-Growth from Q5 to Q1 roic_a5yReturn on inv cap - 5 year avg ind_quick_y7Ind. Quick ratio Y7
epsdc_g2q6EPS Dil Cont-Growth from Q6 to Q2 roic_y1Return on inv cap Y1 ind_roa_12mInd. Return on assets 12m
epsdc_g3q7EPS Dil Cont-Growth from Q7 to Q3 ...... ind_roa_y1Ind. Return on assets Y1
epsdc_g4q8EPS Dil Cont-Growth from Q8 to Q4 roic_y5Return on inv cap Y5 ......
epsdc_g6qEPS DC-Growth from Q6-Q8 to Q2-Q4 rps_6mRelative price strength 6m ind_roa_y7Ind. Return on assets Y7
epsdc_g3lsEPS Dil Cont-Growth LS 3yr rs_04wRelative Strength 4 week ind_roe_12mInd. Return on equity 12m
epsdc_g5lsEPS Dil Cont-Growth LS 5yr rs_13wRelative Strength 13 week ind_roe_a5yInd. Return on equity - 5 year
epsdc_g7r2EPS Dil Cont-Growth R2 7yr rs_26wRelative Strength 26 week ind_roe_y1Ind. Return on equity Y1
epsdc_ptmEPS Dil Cont-Growth PTM (?) rs_52wRelative Strength 52 week ......
epsdc_q1EPS-Diluted Continuing Q1 rsw_4qRelative Strength-Weighted 4Qs ind_roe_y7Ind. Return on equity Y7
...... sales_12mSales 12m ind_roic_a5yInd. Return on inv cap - 5 year avg
epsdc_q8EPS-Diluted Continuing Q8 sales_g1tSales-Growth 12m ind_rs_04wInd. Relative Strength 4 week
epsdc_y1EPS-Diluted Continuing Y1 sales_g1fSales-Growth 1yr ind_rs_13wInd. Relative Strength 13 week
...... sales_g3fSales-Growth 3yr ind_rs_26wInd. Relative Strength 26 week
epsdc_y8EPS-Diluted Continuing Y8 sales_g5fSales-Growth 5yr ind_rs_52wInd. Relative Strength 52 week
epsdm_eg5EPS Growth Est-Revisions down sales_g7fSales-Growth 7yr ind_sales_12mInd. Sales 12m
epsdm_eq0EPS Est Q0-Revisions down sales_g1q5Sales-Growth from Q5 to Q1 ind_sales_g1tInd. Sales-Growth 12m
epsdm_eq1EPS Est Q1-Revisions down sales_g2q6Sales-Growth from Q6 to Q2 ind_sales_g1fInd. Sales-Growth 1yr
epsdm_ey0EPS Est Y0-Revisions down sales_g3q7Sales-Growth from Q7 to Q3 ind_sales_g3fInd. Sales-Growth 3yr
epsdm_ey1EPS Est Y1-Revisions down sales_g4q8Sales-Growth from Q8 to Q4 ind_sales_g5fInd. Sales-Growth 5yr
epsdm_ey2EPS Est Y2-Revisions down sales_g3lsSales-Growth LS 3yr ind_sales_g7fInd. Sales-Growth 7yr
epsdmp_eq0EPS Est Q0-% Rev-Last Month sales_g5lsSales-Growth LS 5yr ind_sales_y1Ind. Sales Y1
epsdmp_eq1EPS Est Q1-% Rev-Last Month sales_g7r2Sales-Growth R2 7yr ......
epsdmp_ey0EPS Est Y0-% Rev-Last Month sales_ptmSales-Growth PTM (?) ind_sales_y7Ind. Sales Y7
epsdmp_ey1EPS Est Y1-% Rev-Last Month sales_q1Sales Q1 ind_shrinsdInd. Insider Ownership %
epsdmp_ey2EPS Est Y2-% Rev-Last Month ...... ind_shrinstInd. Institutional Ownership %
epsh_eg5EPS Growth Est-High sales_q8Sales Q8 ind_shrinstnInd. Institutional shareholders
epsh_eq0EPS Est Q0-High sales_qefSales QEF (?) ind_si_ratio1Ind. Short interest ratio M1
epsh_eq1EPS Est Q1-High sales_y1Sales Y1 ind_si_ratio2Ind. Short interest ratio M2
epsh_ey0EPS Est Y0-High ...... ind_ta_trn_12mInd. Asset turnover 12m
epsh_ey1EPS Est Y1-High sales_y8Sales Y8 ind_ta_trn_y1Ind. Asset turnover Y1
epsh_ey2EPS Est Y2-High shr_aq1Shares Average Q1 ......
epsl_eg5EPS Growth Est-Low ...... ind_ta_trn_y7Ind. Asset turnover Y7
epsl_eq0EPS Est Q0-Low shr_aq8Shares Average Q8 ind_tie_12mInd. Times interest earned 12m
epsl_eq1EPS Est Q1-Low shr_ay1Shares Average Y1 ind_tie_y1Ind. Times interest earned Y1
epsl_ey0EPS Est Y0-Low ...... ......
epsl_ey1EPS Est Y1-Low shr_ay8Shares Average Y8 ind_tie_y7Ind. Times interest earned Y7
epsl_ey2EPS Est Y2-Low shr_dq1Shares Diluted Q1 ind_tl_ta_q1Ind. Total liabilities/assets Q1
epsn_eg5EPS Growth Est-Number ...... ind_tl_ta_y1Ind. Total liabilities/assets Y1
epsn_eq0EPS Est Q0-Number shr_dq10Shares Diluted Q10 ......
epsn_eq1EPS Est Q1-Number shr_dy1Shares Diluted Y1 ind_tl_ta_y7Ind. Total liabilities/assets Y7
epsn_ey0EPS Est Y0-Number ...... ind_yieldInd. Yield
epsn_ey1EPS Est Y1-Number shr_dy11Shares Diluted Y11 ind_yield_1tInd. Yield-1 year ago
epsn_ey2EPS Est Y2-Number shrinsdInsider Ownership % ind_yield_a3yInd. Yield-Average 3 years
epsnd_12mEPS-Diluted Normalized 12m shrinstInstitutional Ownership % ind_yield_a5yInd. Yield-Average 5 years
epsnd_q1EPS-Diluted Normalized Q1 shrinstnInstitutional shareholders ind_yield_a7yInd. Yield-Average 7 years
...... shsperadrShares per ADR sec_arturn_12mSec. Receivables turnover 12m
epsnd_q10EPS-Diluted Normalized Q10 shyShareholder Yield sec_arturn_y1Sec. Receivables turnover Y1
epsnd_y1EPS-Diluted Normalized Y1 shy_1tShareholder Yield-1 year ago ......
...... shy_a3yShareholder Yield-Average 3 years sec_arturn_y7Sec. Receivables turnover Y7
epsnd_y11EPS-Diluted Normalized Y11 shy_a5yShareholder Yield-Average 5 years sec_assets_q1Sec. Total assets Q1
epspm_eg5EPS Growth Est-Last month shy_a7yShareholder Yield-Average 7 years sec_assets_y1Sec. Total assets Y1
epspm_eq0EPS Est Q0-Last month shy_y1Shareholder Yield-Y1 ......
epspm_eq1EPS Est Q1-Last month ...... sec_assets_y7Sec. Total assets Y7
epspm_ey0EPS Est Y0-Last month shy_y7Shareholder Yield-Y7 sec_avd_10dSec. Volume--Average Daily 10d
epspm_ey1EPS Est Y1-Last month si1Short interest M1 sec_avm_03mSec. Volume--Average Monthly 3m
epspm_ey2EPS Est Y2-Last month si2Short interest M2 sec_betaSec. Beta
epspw_eq0EPS Est Q0-Last week si_float1Short interest % of float M1 sec_cfps_g1tSec. Cash Flow-Growth 12m
epspw_eq1EPS Est Q1-Last week si_float2Short interest % of float M2 sec_cfps_g1fSec. Cash Flow-Growth 1yr
epspw_ey0EPS Est Y0-Last week si_ratio1Short interest ratio M1 sec_cfps_g3fSec. Cash Flow-Growth 3yr
epspw_ey1EPS Est Y1-Last week si_ratio2 sec_cfps_g5fSec. Cash Flow-Growth 5yr
epspw_ey2EPS Est Y2-Last week si_shares1 sec_cfps_g7fSec. Cash Flow-Growth 7yr
epssd_eg5EPS Growth Est-Std. dev. si_shares2 sec_curr_q1Sec. Current ratio Q1
epssd_eq0EPS Est Q0-Std. dev. sicSIC primary code sec_curr_y1Sec. Current ratio Y1
epssd_eq1EPS Est Q1-Std. dev. sichgShort interest % change M2 to M1 ......
epssd_ey0EPS Est Y0-Std. dev. spStandard and Poor stock sec_curr_y7Sec. Current ratio Y7
epssd_ey1EPS Est Y1-Std. dev. split_factSplit Factor sec_dps_g1tSec. Dividend-Growth 12m
epssd_ey2EPS Est Y2-Std. dev. sq2_diffQtrly Surprise-Prior Qtr-Difference sec_dps_g1fSec. Dividend-Growth 1yr
epsum_eg5EPS Growth Est-Revisions up sq2_epsQtrly Surprise-Prior Qtr-Est sec_dps_g3fSec. Dividend-Growth 3yr
epsum_eq0EPS Est Q0-Revisions up sq2_percQtrly Surprise-Prior Qtr-Percent sec_dps_g5fSec. Dividend-Growth 5yr
epsum_eq1EPS Est Q1-Revisions up sq2_sdQtrly Surprise-Prior Qtr-Std. dev. sec_dps_g7fSec. Dividend-Growth 7yr
epsum_ey0EPS Est Y0-Revisions up sq2_sueQtrly Surprise-Prior Qtr-SUE sec_eps_eg5Sec. EPS Growth Est
epsum_ey1EPS Est Y1-Revisions up stdebt_q1Short-term debt Q1 sec_eps_g1tSec. EPS-Growth 12m
epsum_ey2EPS Est Y2-Revisions up ...... sec_eps_g1fSec. EPS-Growth 1yr
eqty_g5fEquity (common) Growth - 5yr stdebt_q8Short-term debt Q8 sec_eps_g3fSec. EPS-Growth 3yr
equity_q1Equity (common) Q1 stdebt_y1Short-term debt Y1 sec_eps_g5fSec. EPS-Growth 5yr
...... ...... sec_eps_g7fSec. EPS-Growth 7yr
equity_q8Equity (common) Q8 stdebt_y7Short-term debt Y7 sec_epsc_g1tSec. EPS Cont-Growth 12m
equity_qefEquity (common) QEF (?) stinv_q1Short-term investments Q1 sec_epsc_g1fSec. EPS Cont-Growth 1yr
equity_y1Equity (common) Y1 ...... sec_epsc_g3fSec. EPS Cont-Growth 3yr
...... stinv_q8Short-term investments Q8 sec_epsc_g5fSec. EPS Cont-Growth 5yr
equity_y8Equity (common) Y8 stinv_y1Short-term investments Y1 sec_epsc_g7fSec. EPS Cont-Growth 7yr
erbvEarnings Retained to Book ...... sec_epsdc_g1tSec. EPS Dil Cont-Growth 12m
ere_12mExchange rate effects 12m stinv_y7Short-term investments Y7 sec_epsdc_g1fSec. EPS Dil Cont-Growth 1yr
ere_q1Exchange rate effects Q1 sus_g7fSustainable-Growth 7y sec_epsdc_g3fSec. EPS Dil Cont-Growth 3yr
...... ta_trn_12mAsset turnover 12m sec_epsdc_g5fSec. EPS Dil Cont-Growth 5yr
ere_q8Exchange rate effects Q8 ta_trn_y1Asset turnover Y1 sec_epsdc_g7fSec. EPS Dil Cont-Growth 7yr
ere_y1Exchange rate effects Y1 ...... sec_epsh_eg5Sec. EPS Growth Est-High
...... ta_trn_y7Asset turnover Y7 sec_epsl_eg5Sec. EPS Growth Est-Low
ere_y7Exchange rate effects Y7 tcf_12mCash from financing 12m sec_epspm_eg5Sec. EPS Growth Est-Last month
eveda_12mEnterprise Value/EBITDA tcf_q1Cash from financing Q1 sec_fcfps_g1tSec. Free Cash Flow-Growth 12m
eveda_1tEnterprise Value/EBITDA-1 year ago ...... sec_fcfps_g1fSec. Free Cash Flow-Growth 1yr
eveda_a3yEnterprise Value/EBITDA-Avg 3 years tcf_q8Cash from financing Q8 sec_fcfps_g3fSec. Free Cash Flow-Growth 3yr
eveda_a5yEnterprise Value/EBITDA-Avg 5 years tcf_y1Cash from financing Y1 sec_fcfps_g5fSec. Free Cash Flow-Growth 5yr
eveda_a7yEnterprise Value/EBITDA-Avg 7 years ...... sec_fcfps_g7fSec. Free Cash Flow-Growth 7yr
eveda_y1Enterprise Value/EBITDA-Y1 tcf_y7Cash from financing Y7 sec_floatSec. Float
...... tci_12mCash from investing 12m sec_gopin_g1tSec. Gross Income-Growth 12m
eveda_y7Enterprise Value/EBITDA-Y7 tci_q1Cash from investing Q1 sec_gopinc_g1fSec. Gross Income-Growth 1yr
exchangeExchange ...... sec_gopinc_g3fSec. Gross Income-Growth 3yr
eyield_12mEarnings Yield 12m tci_q8Cash from investing Q8 sec_gopinc_g5fSec. Gross Income-Growth 5yr
fcfps_12mFree cash flow/share 12m tci_y1Cash from investing Y1 sec_gopinc_g7fSec. Gross Income-Growth 7yr
fcfps_g1tFree Cash Flow-Growth 12m ...... sec_gpm_12mSec. Gross margin 12m
fcfps_g1fFree Cash Flow-Growth 1yr tci_y7Cash from investing Y7 sec_gpm_a5ySec. Gross margin - 5 year Avg
fcfps_g3fFree Cash Flow-Growth 3yr tco_12mCash from operations 12m sec_gpm_y1Sec. Gross margin Y1
fcfps_g5fFree Cash Flow-Growth 5yr tco_q1Cash from operations Q1 ......
fcfps_g7fFree Cash Flow-Growth 7yr ...... sec_gpm_y7Sec. Gross margin Y7
fcfps_q1Free cash flow/share Q1 tco_q8Cash from operations Q8 sec_invtrn_12mSec. Inventory turnover 12m
...... tco_y1Cash from operations Y1 sec_invtrn_y1Sec. Inventory turnover Y1
fcfps_q8Free cash flow/share Q8 ...... ......
fcfps_y1Free cash flow/share Y1 tco_y8Cash from operations Y8 sec_invtrn_y7Sec. Inventory turnover Y7
...... thumbFundamental Rule of Thumb sec_ltd_eq_q1Sec. LT Debt/equity Q1
fcfps_y8Free cash flow/share Y8 tickerTicker sec_ltd_eq_y1Sec. LT Debt/equity Y1
floatFloat tie_12mTimes interest earned 12m ......
fscore_12mF Score TTM tie_y1Times interest earned Y1 sec_ltd_eq_y7Sec. LT Debt/equity Y7
fscore_y1F Score Y1 ...... sec_ltd_tc_q1Sec. LT debt/total capital Q1
...... tie_y7Times interest earned Y7 sec_ltd_tc_y1Sec. LT debt/total capital Y1
fscore_y7F Score Y7 tl_ta_q1Total liabilities/assets Q1 ......
gopin_g1tGross Income-Growth 12m tl_ta_y1Total liabilities/assets Y1 sec_ltd_tc_y7Sec. LT debt/total capital Y7
gopinc_g1fGross Income-Growth 1yr ...... sec_ltd_wc_q1Sec. LT Debt/working capital Q1
gopinc_g3fGross Income-Growth 3yr tl_ta_y7Total liabilities/assets Y7 sec_mktcapSec. Market Cap Q1
gopinc_g5fGross Income-Growth 5yr totexp_12mTotal operating expenses 12m sec_netin_g1tSec. Net Income-Growth 12m
gopinc_g7fGross Income-Growth 7yr totexp_q1Total operating expenses Q1 sec_netinc_g1fSec. Net Income-Growth 1yr
gopin_g1q5Gross Income-Growth from Q5 to Q1 ...... sec_netinc_g3fSec. Net Income-Growth 3yr
gopin_g2q6Gross Income-Growth from Q6 to Q2 totexp_q8Total operating expenses Q8 sec_netinc_g5fSec. Net Income-Growth 5yr
gopin_g3q7Gross Income-Growth from Q7 to Q3 totexp_y1Total operating expenses Y1 sec_netinc_g7fSec. Net Income-Growth 7yr
gopin_g4q8Gross Income-Growth from Q8 to Q4 ...... sec_npm_12mSec. Net margin 12m
gopinc_12mGross operating income 12m totexp_y8Total operating expenses Y8 sec_npm_y1Sec. Net margin Y1
gopinc_q1Gross operating income Q1 totloe_q1Liabilities and equity Q1 ......
...... ...... sec_npm_y7Sec. Net margin Y7
gopinc_q8Gross operating income Q8 totloe_q8Liabilities and equity Q8 sec_opm_12mSec. Operating margin 12m
gopinc_qefGross operating income QEF (?) totloe_y1Liabilities and equity Y1 sec_opm_y1Sec. Operating margin Y1
gopinc_y1Gross operating income Y1 ...... ......
...... totloe_y7Liabilities and equity Y7 sec_opm_y7Sec. Operating margin Y7
gopinc_y8Gross operating income Y8 uninc_12mUnusual income 12m sec_payout_12mSec. Payout ratio 12m
gpm_12mGross margin 12m uninc_q1Unusual income Q1 sec_payout_y1Sec. Payout ratio Y1
gpm_a5yGross margin - 5 year Avg. ...... ......
gpm_y1Gross margin Y1 uninc_q8Unusual income Q8 sec_payout_y7Sec. Payout ratio Y7
...... uninc_y1Unusual income Y1 sec_pbvpsSec. Price/Book
gpm_y7Gross margin Y7 ...... sec_pbvps_1tSec. Price/Book-1 year ago
gross_12mGross income 12M uninc_y7Unusual income Y7 sec_pbvps_a3ySec. Price/Book-Average 3 year
gross_q1Gross income Q1 work_q1Working Capital Q1 sec_pbvps_a5ySec. Price/Book-Average 5 year
...... ...... sec_pbvps_a7ySec. Price/Book-Average 7 year
gross_q8Gross income Q8 work_q8Working Capital Q8 sec_pcfpsSec. Price/CFPS
gross_y1Gross income Y1 work_y1Working Capital Y1 sec_pcfps_1tSec. Price/CFPS-1 year ago
...... ...... sec_pcfps_a3ySec. Price/CFPS-Average 3 year
gross_y8Gross income Y8 work_y7Working Capital Y7 sec_pcfps_a5ySec. Price/CFPS-Average 5 year
gwi_q1Goodwill and intangibles Q1 xord_12mNonrecurring items 12m sec_pcfps_a7ySec. Price/CFPS-Average 7 year
...... xord_q1Nonrecurring items Q1 sec_peSec. PE
gwi_q8Goodwill and intangibles Q8 ...... sec_pe_1tSec. PE-1 year ago
gwi_y1Goodwill and intangibles Y1 xord_q8Nonrecurring items Q8 sec_pe_a3ySec. PE-Average 3 years
...... xord_y1Nonrecurring items Y1 sec_pe_a5ySec. PE-Average 5 years
gwi_y7Goodwill and intangibles Y7 ...... sec_pe_a7ySec. PE-Average 7 years
iac_12mIncome for primary EPS 12m xord_y8Nonrecurring items Y8 sec_pe_aeps3ySec. PE to Avg EPS growth 3 year
iac_q1Income for primary EPS Q1 yieldYield sec_pe_ey0Sec. PE-Forward EPS Est Y0
...... yield_1tYield-1 year ago sec_pe_ey1Sec. PE-Forward EPS Est Y1
iac_q8Income for primary EPS Q8 yield_a3yYield-Average 3 years sec_pe_ey2Sec. PE-Forward EPS Est Y2
iac_qefIncome for primary EPS QEF (?) yield_a5yYield-Average 5 years sec_pe_to_dg5fSec. PE to Div adj EPS growth 5yr
iac_y1Income for primary EPS Y1 yield_a7yYield-Average 7 years sec_pe_to_g5eSec. PE to EPS Est growth 5 year
...... yielda_y1Yield-Average Y1 sec_pe_to_g5fSec. PE to EPS growth 5 years
iac_y8Income for primary EPS Y8 ...... sec_pea_y1Sec. PE-Average Y1
inctax_12mIncome tax 12m yielda_y7Yield-Average Y7 ......
inctax_q1Income tax Q1 yieldh_a7yYield High-Avg 7 year sec_pea_y7Sec. PE-Average Y7
...... yieldl_a7yYield Low-Avg 7 year sec_peh_a3ySec. PE High - 3 year Avg.
inctax_q8Income tax Q8 zscore_q1Z Score Q1 sec_peh_a5ySec. PE High - 5 year Avg.
inctax_y1Income tax Y1 ...... sec_peh_a7ySec. PE High - 7 year Avg.
...... zscore_q8Z Score Q8 sec_pel_a3ySec. PE Low - 3 year Avg.
inctax_y7Income tax Y7 zscore_y1Z Score Y1 sec_pel_a5ySec. PE Low - 5 year Avg.
ind_2_digSector ...... sec_pel_a7ySec. PE Low - 7 year Avg.
ind_3_digIndustry zscore_y7Z Score Y7 sec_pfcpsSec. Price/FCFPS
ins_pr_shrNet insider buys % shares out. rarturn_12% Rank-Receivables turnover 12m sec_pfcps_1tSec. Price/FCFPS-1 year ago
insdnsInsiders--net shares purchased rarturn_y1% Rank-Receivables turnover Y1 sec_pfcps_a3ySec. Price/FCFPS-Average 3 year
insdpsInsiders--shares purchased ...... sec_pfcps_a5ySec. Price/FCFPS-Average 5 year
insdptInsiders--buy trades rarturn_y7% Rank-Receivables turnover Y7 sec_pfcps_a7ySec. Price/FCFPS-Average 7 year
insdssInsiders--shares sold rassets_q1% Rank-Total assets Q1 sec_pr_prh_52wSec. Price as % of 52 Week High
insdstInsiders--sell trades rassets_y1% Rank-Total assets Y1 sec_pspsSec. Price/Sales
instpsInstitutions--shares purchased ...... sec_psps_1tSec. Price/Sales-1 year ago
instssInstitutions--shares sold rassets_y7% Rank-Total assets Y7 sec_psps_a3ySec. Price/Sales-Average 3 year
int_12mInterest expense 12m ravd_10d% Rank-Volume--Average Daily 10d sec_psps_a5ySec. Price/Sales-Average 5 year
int_q1Interest expense Q1 ravm_03m% Rank-Volume--Average Monthly 3m sec_psps_a7ySec. Price/Sales-Average 7 year
...... rbeta% Rank-Beta sec_quick_q1Sec. Quick ratio Q1
int_q8Interest expense Q8 rcfps_g1t% Rank-Cash Flow-Growth 12m sec_quick_y1Sec. Quick ratio Y1
int_y1Interest expense Y1 rcfps_g1f% Rank-Cash Flow-Growth 1yr ......
...... rcfps_g3f% Rank-Cash Flow-Growth 3yr sec_quick_y7Sec. Quick ratio Y7
int_y7Interest expense Y7 rcfps_g5f% Rank-Cash Flow-Growth 5yr sec_roa_12mSec. Return on assets 12m
intno_12mInterest expense-non-op. 12m rcfps_g7f% Rank-Cash Flow-Growth 7yr sec_roa_y1Sec. Return on assets Y1
intno_q1Interest expense-non-op. Q1 rcurr_q1% Rank-Current ratio Q1 ......
...... rcurr_y1% Rank-Current ratio Y1 sec_roa_y7Sec. Return on assets Y7
intno_q8Interest expense-non-op. Q8 ...... sec_roe_12mSec. Return on equity 12m
intno_y1Interest expense-non-op. Y1 rcurr_y7% Rank-Current ratio Y7 sec_roe_a5ySec. Return on equity - 5 year
...... rdps_g1f% Rank-Dividend-Growth 1yr sec_roe_y1Sec. Return on equity Y1
intno_y7Interest expense-non-op. Y7 rdps_g1t% Rank-Dividend-Growth 12m ......
inv_q1Inventory Q1 rdps_g3f% Rank-Dividend-Growth 3yr sec_roe_y7Sec. Return on equity Y7
...... rdps_g5f% Rank-Dividend-Growth 5yr sec_roic_a5ySec. Return on inv cap - 5 year avg
inv_q8Inventory Q8 rdps_g7f% Rank-Dividend-Growth 7yr sec_rs_04wSec. Relative Strength 4 week
inv_y1Inventory Y1 reps_eg5% Rank-EPS Growth Est sec_rs_13wSec. Relative Strength 13 week
...... reps_g1t% Rank-EPS-Growth 12m sec_rs_26wSec. Relative Strength 26 week
inv_y8Inventory Y8 reps_g1f% Rank-EPS-Growth 1yr sec_rs_52wSec. Relative Strength 52 week
invtrn_12mInventory turnover 12m reps_g3f% Rank-EPS-Growth 3yr sec_sales_12mSec. Sales 12m
invtrn_y1Inventory turnover Y1 reps_g5f% Rank-EPS-Growth 5yr sec_sales_g1tSec. Sales-Growth 12m
...... reps_g7f% Rank-EPS-Growth 7yr sec_sales_g1fSec. Sales-Growth 1yr
invtrn_y7Inventory turnover Y7 repsc_g1t% Rank-EPS Cont-Growth 12m sec_sales_g3fSec. Sales-Growth 3yr
iw_eyieldInve$tWare Est Yield repsc_g1f% Rank-EPS Cont-Growth 1yr sec_sales_g5fSec. Sales-Growth 5yr
iw_rvInve$tWare Relative Value repsc_g3f% Rank-EPS Cont-Growth 3yr sec_sales_g7fSec. Sales-Growth 7yr
iw_sgbInve$tWare Sales Gr Benchmark repsc_g5f% Rank-EPS Cont-Growth 5yr sec_sales_y1Sec. Sales Y1
ldfcf12mLT debt/free cash flow 12m repsc_g7f% Rank-EPS Cont-Growth 7yr ......
liab_q1Total liabilities Q1 repsdc_g1t% Rank-EPS Dil Cont-Growth 12m sec_sales_y7Sec. Sales Y7
...... repsdc_g1f% Rank-EPS Dil Cont-Growth 1yr sec_shrinsdSec. Insider Ownership %
liab_q8Total liabilities Q8 repsdc_g3f% Rank-EPS Dil Cont-Growth 3yr sec_shrinstSec. Institutional Ownership %
liab_y1Total liabilities Y1 repsdc_g5f% Rank-EPS Dil Cont-Growth 5yr sec_shrinstnSec. Institutional shareholders
...... repsdc_g7f% Rank-EPS Dil Cont-Growth 7yr sec_si_ratio1Sec. Short interest ratio M1
liab_y7Total liabilities Y7 rfcfps_g1t% Rank-Free Cash Flow-Grth 12m sec_si_ratio2Sec. Short interest ratio M2
ltd_eq_q1LT Debt/equity Q1 rfcfps_g1f% Rank-Free Cash Flow-Grth 1yr sec_ta_trn_12mSec. Asset turnover 12m
ltd_eq_y1LT Debt/equity Y1 rfcfps_g3f% Rank-Free Cash Flow-Grth 3yr sec_ta_trn_y1Sec. Asset turnover Y1
...... rfcfps_g5f% Rank-Free Cash Flow-Grth 5yr ......
ltd_eq_y7LT Debt/equity Y7 rfcfps_g7f% Rank-Free Cash Flow-Grth 7yr sec_ta_trn_y7Sec. Asset turnover Y7
ltd_tc_q1LT debt/total capital Q1 rfloat% Rank-Float sec_tie_12mSec. Times interest earned 12m
ltd_tc_y1LT debt/total capital Y1 rgopinc_g1% Rank-Gross Income-Growth 1yr sec_tie_y1Sec. Times interest earned Y1
...... rgopinc_g3% Rank-Gross Income-Growth 3yr ......
ltd_tc_y7LT debt/total capital Y7 rgopinc_g5% Rank-Gross Income-Growth 5yr sec_tie_y7Sec. Times interest earned Y7
ltd_wc_q1LT Debt/working capital Q1 rgopinc_g7% Rank-Gross Income-Growth 7yr sec_tl_ta_q1Sec. Total liabilities/assets Q1
ltdebt_q1Long-term debt Q1 rgpm_12m% Rank-Gross margin 12m sec_tl_ta_y1Sec. Total liabilities/assets Y1
...... rgpm_y1% Rank-Gross margin Y1 ......
ltdebt_q8Long-term debt Q8 ...... sec_tl_ta_y7Sec. Total liabilities/assets Y7
ltdebt_qefLong-term debt QEF (?) rgpm_y7% Rank-Gross margin Y7 sec_yieldSec. Yield
ltdebt_y1Long-term debt Y1 rinvtrn_12% Rank-Inventory turnover 12m sec_yield_1tSec. Yield-1 year ago
...... rinvtrn_y1% Rank-Inventory turnover Y1 sec_yield_a3ySec. Yield-Average 3 years
ltdebt_y7Long-term debt Y7 ...... sec_yield_a5ySec. Yield-Average 5 years
ltinv_q1Long-term investments Q1 rinvtrn_y7% Rank-Inventory turnover Y7 sec_yield_a7ySec. Yield-Average 7 years
...... rltd_eq_q1% Rank-LT Debt/equity Q1
ltinv_q8Long-term investments Q8