"Crystal Ball" Backtest

This is not a real screen!
Pick the best stocks for the upcoming month, based on future performance. This clearly isn't an actual backtest, but may lead to something useful. Or not.

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Holding Period: months
trading simulator

General instructions

Run the tester over the specified range of years. Available data runs from 2003 through 2022 for most screens. You may start at any month of the year, but other than January can only run through 2021/2022.

Stocks are picked from the screens every holding period (between 1 and 120 months) and held for that period.

If you want to simulate actual trading, you can enter more parameters in the trading simulator.

You may give your backtest a name for convenience. If you use this backtest code in other testers, its name will be shown instead of a full description.

Limit to stocks

"Crystal Ball" Backtest instructions

Choose which screen to select the stocks from. All the stocks from the screen selected are ordered by their upoming returns for the period in question (that's why this isn't a real screen). Select a limit of how many of the best stocks you want to get the return for. A limit of 1 would show the stock that's destined to be the best for the upcoming period.

Alternately, you can enter more screens, and the Crystal Ball will choose the best-performing screen for each period (or if a limit is specified, the top stocks from the top screen). If you check the seasonal box, it will choose one winning screen for each calendar month, which the same set of screens chosen every year.