Relative Strength of Screens Backtest

Choose from among a set of screens, picking the one that performed best in the recent past and hoping is will perform best for the present.

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General instructions

Run the tester over the specified range of years. Available data runs from 2003 through 2022 for most screens. You may start at any month of the year, but other than January can only run through 2021/2022.

Stocks are picked from the screens every holding period (between 1 and 120 months) and held for that period.

If you want to simulate actual trading, you can enter more parameters in the trading simulator.

You may give your backtest a name for convenience. If you use this backtest code in other testers, its name will be shown instead of a full description.

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Relative Strength of Screens Backtest instructions

Enter the candidate screens to check the returns of and select from. Should there be a tie for the best screen, the first listed be chosen. Enter the ranks on the screens to use.

Enter the number of past periods to check the screens over. The gain of the screens over that many periods in the past will be the basis for choosing the screen for the next period. There are two ways to test the screens' past performance. Normally, the most recent periods before the present are checked. You can also select seasonal checking, where the same month (or quarter/half) of the year is checked for the specified number of years.